Enabling Sport to Connect & Commercialize Fans

Immersive eLearning and fitness products for 10 to 30 year olds 

How Playbk Sports Works



We don’t do in-person events. We don’t do your social media.

Playbk Sports enables teams, leagues and properties to connect and commercialize young fans [10 to 30 year old’s] through dynamic technology and immersive eLearning and fitness products.

Our goal is simple, help you grow global fan avidity and build new or enhanced revenue.

At Playbk Sports, we give worldwide fans what they want – closer access to the sports they love.


Playbk sports powered by AWS

AmazonWeb Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) reigns supreme as the ultimate choice for professional sporting teams. With unparalleled scalability, cutting-edge security, and lightning-fast content delivery, AWS ensures seamless fan experiences. Elevate your team’s skills and performance with the cloud infrastructure trusted by champions worldwide.

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SUNS Learning Portal - Learning Management System

LearnDash – LMS

LearnDash, the ultimate game-changer in Learning Management Systems (LMS), equips sporting teams to triumph in eLearning and fitness technology. With playbook-style course creation, championship-grade quiz features, and seamless integration. Make champions of your fans with LearnDash, the LMS that turns rookies into MVPs.

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Online Courses

Count on Playbk’s wealth of experience in education, grassroots and elite sports, business development, and technology to guide you towards your strategic goals. Collaborate with our team to craft tailor-made courses or choose from Playbk’s extensive Content Catalogues, featuring over 60 white-label products.

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Damian facilitating at our Playbk Sports Showcase

Video Showcase

At the forefront of educational innovation, we craft engaging, immersive video content tailored to your unique needs. Our team of expert creators combines cutting-edge technology with creative prowess to deliver an exceptional learning journey. Elevate your impact with our world-class videos, where every moment becomes a thrilling victory.

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SUNS Learning Portal - Learning Management System
How Playbk Sports Works

Your People. Your Brand. Your Voice.

We are a strategic resource that harnesses your logo, players, coaches, stadia, facilities and team administrators and use the power of those ‘brands’ to create revenue generating eLearning & fitness technology products that your organization can rely on in sustainable ways.


Australian rules football sports technology


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holistic athlete development in schools


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Turn Fan Avidity into Revenue

Playbk Sports makes delivering online content simple and effective with dynamic technology, immersive experiences and evergreen materials


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