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Playbk Sports has been instrumental in leading the development of the AusBike Digital program. In collaboration with their team’s expertise, we’ve developed engaging content aligned with curriculum standards, empowering children aged 8 to 12 with essential bike riding skills and knowledge in a fun and interactive manner. 

Marne Fechner, CEO AusCycling

Special Olympics Australia LMS Case Study


A slow decline in bike riding participation, especially with young people biking to and from school. 


Effeciently deploying education resources to the right people, at the right time in user friendly ways across the large geographic landscape of Australia.  


Through the strategic leadership of AusCycling – AusBike Digital was created. A free, fun, interactive digital program to bring bike education into Australian classrooms. Developed with experts from AusCycling, Playbk Sports and ACHPER, and aligned with ACARA State and National Curriculum Standards, AusBike Digital provides a comprehensive learning experience educators can trust.


The AusBike Digital – Learning Management System (LMS) is the ideal companion for bike education. With over 2,000 course enrolments, this no cost program for Australian schools shares world-class expertise across a suite of interactive eLearning courses that can extend learning beyond the classroom with at-home and on-bike activities. 


22 Personalised Courses

National & State Curriculum Aligned 

80+ LMS Customisations

Target of 96,000 Teachers, Students & Parents

Over 4 hours of eLearning Content

Ambassador Led Learning Videos

Flexible for all teaching styles 

Completely Free for Australian Teachers

AusBike Digital is an interactive LMS platform equipped with research-backed materials to captivate entire classes with engaging video content, interactive quizzes, downloadable worksheets, gamification and rewards plus real-time reporting that extend learning beyond the classroom with at-home and on-bike activities.

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