10 Ways to Commercialise

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As a life-long learner and passionate educator, I developed this resource to help sport business professionals identify and apply New World thinking in a content driven fan-first world.

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10 ways to commercialise fan engagement

Resource Overview

Professional sport has been hit hard by COVID-19. Teams are the globe have been forced to lay off staff, players have taken pay cuts, broadcast deals have been renegotiated, and matches have been on the decline.

However, like the most resilient athletes coming back from injury or defeat, professional sport too will bounce back use this time to improve. Innovative clubs have seen the pandemic as a way to re-invent their models, and consider what the new world looks like when it comes to engaging fans and driving commercial opportunities.

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Make Date Driven Decisions
Meet Fans Where They live – Online
Customised The Fan Experience
Play The Fan Avidity Long Game
Think Global, Act Local
Harness Elite Profiles & Brands
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Amplify Fan Engagement

Some clubs have taken small steps to explore how the rise of immersive online content can play across the entire fan journey. 

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