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Interactive eLearning for indigenous community leaders

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Playbk Sports testimonial by Thelma Dzwowa

Collaborating with Playbk Sports for the Bronx Learning Hub enabled us to efficiently deliver ongoing professional development training for our regionally based community team. We eagerly anticipate launching additional eLearning products and I fully endorse their technological expertise and educational rigour.

Thelma Dzwowa, Community Operations Manager, Brisbane Broncos

Bronx Learning Hub for remote education


To continue authentic connection with staff, community members and fans across a large geographic region.


Face-to-face PowerPoint Presentations and Microsoft Teams calls across dispersed audiences limited interaction and engagement, placed time constraints on staff and lacked flexibility for learning styles.


Bronx Learning Hub – Learning Management System (LMS) is a contemporary cost-effective solution that has brought scale and consistency in program delivery through personalised eLearning content. Regardless of time or location, anyone can access interactive learning materials delivered by Brisbane Broncos ambassadors and subject matter experts.


Bronx Learning Hub is an organisation owned LMS equiped with a suite of dynamic eLearning courses. The bespoke end-to-end approach with Playbk Sports ensures the content is relevant and aligns with the strategic objectives of the club. Robust analytics and reporting tools track individual progress, identify areas for improvement, and measure the effectiveness of online programs.


A.C.T Deadly eLearning Course

Community Induction Training

9 Lessons | 62 Topics | 25 Quizzes

Over 150 hours of staff PD

23 Custom Learning Videos

97% User Satisfaction – Transfer of Learning

Long-term Support for Continuos Learning

Minimise Cost With Centralised eLearning

By leveraging the Bronx Learning Hub LMS, the Brisbane Broncos can create a dynamic, efficient, and effective learning environment that supports the comprehensive development of staff and the wider community.

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Playbk Sports is here to help you break down geographic barriers, maximise staff expertise and transform how you connect with fans. 

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