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No more clunky PowerPoint Presentations, outdated PDF documents and people in regional areas missing out.


Every team needs a playbook.  


Founded in 2015 by Damian Hecker and Jon Shepherd, Playbk Sports emerged from a desire to revolutionise educational experiences within the sports sector.

Moving beyond outdated educational tools and the geographic limitations often faced by those in remote areas, they embarked on building cutting-edge eLearning experiences.

Their inaugural project, aimed at enhancing sports accessibility for people with intellectual disabilities, marked the beginning of an ongoing commitment to develop eLearning solutions that respond to the dynamic needs of today’s sports industry.

Playbk Sports is dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes in critical development areas including School Programs, Academy Pathways, Coach Education, Workforce Development and Volunteer Upskill.

Our initiatives are designed to maximise impact, streamline processes, and expand workforce capacity, all while securing sustainable revenue streams through eLearning product sales, new sponsorship opportunities, and facilitating access to government funding.

At the core of our operation is the Management Software as a Service (MSaaS) model, which underscores our bespoke approach. By partnering with sports organisations, we deliver a world-class Learning Management System and personalised educational and fitness technology products that are specifically tailored to your strategic objectives. This model allows our clients to concentrate on their primary operations, safe in the knowledge that they are also meeting the innovation requirements necessitated by the digitalisation of sports.

Our specialised focus on sports sets us apart. With a passion that drives our expertise, we are committed exclusively to this sector, ensuring that our efforts are always aligned with the latest trends and needs of the sports community.

This singular dedication has made us the trusted partner of leading sports teams and leagues globally, including the National Football League (NFL) and clients across the AFL, NRL, NBL, Suncorp Super Netball, AusCycling, and Special Olympics Australia.

Playbk Sports enhances global sports access and engagement, empowering organisations to deepen fan connections and deliver community benefits. Join us in shaping a more inclusive and connected future for sports education and engagement.



The Starting Line

Motivated to disrupt traditional education, former classroom teacher and passionate educator, Damian Hecker, and retired athlete turned entrepreneur, Jon Shepherd, Co-founded Leaders of Evolution with the vision to inspire fun, engaging and authentic cloud-based learning opportunities for young people all over the world.


Building Momentum

Our suite of researched-backed, contemporary online courses equipped students aged 10 to 18 years with the leadership and life skills to thrive as global citizens.

To provide guidance and clarity to learners, we created the 4 C’s of Learning Framework – whereby learners walk away with their Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness enhanced.


Global Recognition

Connecting with 400+ schools and 10,000+ students from all over the world, we paved the way as an active member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EdStart – a select entry global accelerator program.

We also signed long-term partnerships with elite sporting organisations delivering customised revenue generating online fan engagement programs.


Preparing for Growth

COVID-19 has increased the need to maximise ROI on all digital platforms.

Harnessing our passion and proven industry expertise in education and elite sport, Playbk Sports was born to commercialise online learning for professional sporting organisations – at scale.

Our X-factor is generating revenue through SportsTech.


Commercializing Fans

Establishing long-term partnership with the biggest teams in sport our goal remains simple, help you grow fan avidity and build new or enhanced revenue.

The launch of our Management Subscription as a Service model brings greater efficiency for our clients resulting in deploying more eLearning & fitness technology products to world-wide fans.


At Playbk Sports, we take pride in our bespoke approach that intertwines education, sport, and technology to create unparalleled experiences. Our team, a blend of specialists in AWS technology, WordPress, online learning design, graphic design, videography, marketing, and the commercialisation of eLearning products, works seamlessly to innovate the sports industry.

Under the strategic guidance of our company executives Jon Shepherd and  Damian Hecker, we are committed to delivering excellence. This leadership ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of the world’s most prestigious sports organisations.

Our mission is to transform the sports industry with our unique blend of technological prowess and strategic insight. By harnessing advanced technologies and leveraging data-driven decisions, our expertise is particularly focused on the digitisation of key areas including School Programs, Academy Pathways, Coach Education, and Workforce Development & Volunteer Upskill, aiming to transform and enhance these crucial sectors within the sports industry.

With innovation at our core, Playbk Sports is at the forefront of shaping the future of sports. Join us as we redefine what’s possible through the power of technology, education, and sport.

Jon Shepherd

Jon Shepherd

CEO & Co-founder

Damian Hecker

Damian Hecker

COO & Co-founder


Shaping the future of sports by connecting passion, technology, and global communities.


Empowering the sports world through innovation, education, and unparalleled digital experiences.



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We love to create experiences that fans remember. Our brand sets forth our innovative approach to help elite sporting organisations reach their strategic objectives. Get to know the story behind Playbk Sports.