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Elevate Fan Interaction 

Jon Shepherd, Co-founder at Playbk Sports

The globalization of sport presents exciting opportunities to engage fans in new ways – eLearning and fitness technology are exploding and the time is now to capitalize on these markets verticals.

Jon Shepherd, Co-founder at Playbk Sports

10 ways to commercialise fan engagement

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In the dynamic world of professional sports, staying ahead of the game requires more than just athleticism – it demands innovation and adaptability. This playbook is your key to exploring groundbreaking approaches to revenue generation that resonate with modern fans and capitalize on the potential of technology.

As a sports executive, you understand that the traditional playbook needs a refresh. That’s why we’re introducing you to the powerful synergy of eLearning and fitness technology.


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From interactive eLearning experiences that provide fans with exclusive insights, to fitness technology that transforms spectators into active participants, you’ll uncover strategies that are not only forward-thinking but also financially rewarding.


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