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Playbk Sports Showcase

Jeremy Millard testimonial with Playbk Sports

This showcase event really opened my eyes to new opportunities for our junior market because how we need to engage with these fans has really changed.

Jeremy Millard, GM Consumer at Hawthorn Football Club

Rick Burton delivering a Playbk Sports Keynote

Event Summary

Join our North American Chief Operating Officer Rick Burton as we explore the economic realities of a post-Covid global sporting landscape, and the opportunities yet to be realised.

Covid-19 has accelerated the need for professional sporting organisations to harness technology to drive revenue whilst continuing to deliver existing and future initiatives, often within newly minted organisation structures.

This showcase supported attendees in building or refining current business strategies that unpacked: 

• A global view of the economic recovery of professional sport

• The untapped market as a new world revenue stream for sport

• Harnessing technology to grow fan avidity

• Building a digital tribe

• Which emerging technology levers to pull – and when

Keynote Presenter

Rick Burton is the David B. Falk Endowed Professor of Sport Management at Syracuse University.

He served as the Chief Marketing Officer for the U.S. Olympic Committee for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. He was previously commissioner of the Australian National Basketball.


15+ Sporting Executives Attended
How We Engage Fans Has Changed
It’s a Digital 24/7 & 365 Economy
Unknown ROI on Traditional Fan Engagement
Traditional Sponsorship Assets are Exhausted
You Can Scale Your Products World-Wide
Showcase Overview

Hype Reel

Rick Burton delivered an exceptional keynote on how best to monetize fans as we rapidly head towards a 6G, AI, VR, Meta and content driven world.

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