Amazon Web Services SDG Innovation Roadshow Collaborates with Playbk Sports

by Nov 22, 2022Education, News

Playbk Sports co-founder Damian Hecker has shared how the organisation is enabling their clients to reach more fans through education technology as part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Innovation Roadshow.

The AWS SDG Innovation Roadshow was delivered to the Oceanic region as part of a global innovation tour aimed at sharing the knowledge of start-ups in the education technology sector, and how they are contributing to the development of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals across the globe. The event was a co-designed initiative between AWS Ed Start, the edtech accelerator of AWS and The Start Up Buddy, an accelerator as a service company powering the next wave of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The AWS SDG Innovation Roadshow shone a light specifically on student wellbeing in school and the importance of providing teachers and schools with adequate resourcing as COVID exacerbated this crucial issue for young people over the last two years.

SDG Innovation Roadshow Introduction – Playbk Sports

For Hecker, the opportunity to be involved on the panel alongside Sidney Minassian, CEO of Saasyan and Adam Weber, CEO of Truwell highlighted the important role Playbk Sports is playing in the wider edtech sector.

“There are so many great things happening in edtech and Playbk Sports fills a unique niche that complements so many of the initiatives shared today.” Hecker said.

“To hear what Saasyan is doing with artificial intelligence and online safety for students is inspiring and to hear Adam reinforce the importance of the teacher as the critical cog in the edtech wheel was also refreshing.

“The work he is doing with Truwell to enhance student and staff wellbeing is also an incredible resource for schools globally. Playbk Sports brings a different approach whereby we share the intellectual property of our pro sports clients to enhance student wellbeing, fitness, life skills and a raft of other areas, and leverage cloud based technologies to achieve this.”

Other contributors to the Roadshow included David Linke, Managing Director of EduGrowth and Leon Young, CEO of Cogniss who both shared their thoughts on the important role entrepreneurs are playing in the student wellbeing space, and how start-ups are helping solve important education problems – especially those with a focus on designing tools with the teacher at the forefront of creation.

Across the board it was evident that start-ups were improving the range of options for schools to access research backed, engaging online tools to support student wellbeing as leaders across the industry embrace technology with greater confidence after the digital disruption of the past three years.

SDG Innovation Roadshow – Women in Sport Question

“I think Playbk Sports crosses some important divides linked to the areas discussed throughout the roadshow.” Hecker went on to share when asked about the relevance of pro sport providing education for students.

“Pro sport has access to the absolute elite when it comes to their staff and all parts of their on and off-field programs. From fitness, to nutrition, wellbeing to performance psychology, coaching and administration, these clubs have a treasure trove of knowledge that can be shared for the betterment of students and teachers.”

Damian Hecker, Co-founder at Playbk Sports

“The story I shared today was the work we are doing with the Gold Coast SUNS and the proof is in the data.  20 – 25 minutes average time on platform, thousands of students engaged in the Play to Your Strengths course, very positive feedback from schools and two new initiatives to be released in 2023 that will be the envy of pro teams globally.”

“Pro sport absolutely has a role to play in education in schools, and importantly this provides greater brand awareness for the clubs and access to new fans whilst bringing role models into the lives of students and access to learning previously hidden to all but a few. The Gold Coast SUNS have set the blueprint for teams globally and I think over the next five years we are going to see more projects like those we shared today.”

SDG Innovation Roadshow – Gold Coast SUNS Case Study

The AWS SDG Innovation Roadshow carries on to Japan in the coming weeks as AWS EdStart and The Start Up Buddy continue to share global best practice models with the aim of playing a role in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through the power of education and technology.


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