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68% of sports fans say digital content make them feel closer to their favourite players and teams. [Comcast NBC Universal Sport]

Playbk works with your team by harnessing your logo, players, coaches, and administrators and used the power of those “brands” to create online learning opportunities that the club can monetise.


Portal Build

A newly minted Learning Management System [LMS] empowers your club to engage and scale online fan engagement through a connected SportsTech ecosystem.

  • Own a Revenue Generating Asset
  • Attract New Sponsors
  • Responsive User-Experience
  • Monetise Intellectual Property
  • Make Data Led Decisions
  • Benefit from a E-commerce Marketplace
Gold Coast SUNS Online Portal

Content Development

Digitalise existing face-to-face programs into customised online offerings or select from Playbk’s 60+ “Plug n Play” white label courses.

Course options range from K12 education, emerging athlete development, sports coaching, corporate PD, sustainability, diversity and inclusion as well as internal staff onboarding and development.

  • Enhance Staff Performance & Impact 
  • Deploy Custom & White Label Courses 
  • Future Proof & Scale Community Impact
  • COVID-19 Safe Approach 
  • Harness Athlete, Coaches, and Administrator Brands
  • Efficient & Accurate Reporting

Your Teams X-Factor

Playbk’s full-stack approach amplifies and uplifts your teams performance. Our best in class sports technology expertise takes the worry away empowering your club to launch more courses, continually innovate, and most importantly positively impact your fan base.

  • Amazon Web Service IT infrastructure
  • Elite Marketing Campaigns for Course Launches
  • Innovative LMS Enhancements
  • E-learning Roadmap Aligning to Strategic Objectives
  • Headache Free Tech Support
  • Sponsorship Pitch Decks, Copy Writing, Video Production and more
Playbk Sports content planning

Build More Intimate Connection With Fans

Find out how Playbk’s approach can generate revenue, improve productivity and scale your teams fan engagement.

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