Advancing Digital Sports Education in Australian Schools

by Feb 21, 2024Education, News

Gold Coast, Australia – Playbk Sports, a pioneering digital sports education leader, is at the forefront of integrating sports into the educational curriculum of Australian schools, enriching the physical education landscape for over 4 million students who have returned to school this term.

With a suite of innovative programs developed in collaboration with esteemed sporting organisations, Playbk Sports is dedicated to enhancing the physical and mental well-being of young Australians through sports.

Recent research, including a publication from the Australian Sports Commission published in the Clearinghouse of Sport, highlights the undeniable benefits of sports and physical education in fostering the holistic development of young people.

Despite the well-documented advantages, a survey revealed that 52% of students desire a broader array of activities within their physical education (PE) and school sports programs. Addressing this gap, Playbk Sports, in partnership with leading sports entities, has launched a wide range of initiatives designed to diversify and enrich the PE curriculum across the country.

Co-founder of Playbk Sports, Jon Shepherd, emphasises the importance of this mission, stating,

“Our commitment at Playbk Sports is not just to promote physical activity among young Australians but to empower the way sports education is perceived and delivered. By collaborating with top-tier sports organisations, we’re ensuring that students not only benefit from a wider range of physical activities but also engage with sports in a manner that’s both enjoyable and conducive to their overall development.”

Jon Shepherd, Co-founder at Playbk Sports

Key initiatives include:

  • The NFL Flag Teacher Accreditation Course, endorsed by ACHPER Victoria this course set to launch in Term 1, 2024, aimed at empowering PE teachers to incorporate NFL Flag, a fun and engaging form of American football, into their curriculum.
  • SUNS Fitness and Play To Your Strengths programs, developed in collaboration with the Gold Coast SUNS, targeting students in Year 8 to Year 6, focusing on fitness and leveraging personal strengths via a customised SUNS Learning portal
  • A partnership with Special Olympics Australia to release a Physical Literacy Series and an upcoming course designed to make PE more inclusive for students with intellectual disabilities via their Inclusive Sport Academy portal who boasts more than 8,000 users.

Playbk Sports is not only addressing the demand for more varied physical activities in schools but also tapping into the elite profiles and the digital realm to attract and engage young fans. This approach not only enhances the educational experience via anytime, anywhere access Learning Management System (LMS) but also nurtures a lifelong affinity for sports and physical activity, aligning with the growing recognition of the need for innovative methods to connect with young audiences.

For professional sports teams and National Sporting Organisations interested in exploring these digital sports education programs and how they can contribute to increasing fan avidity through immersive experiences, Playbk Sports extends an invitation to connect and learn more about these transformative initiatives.

For media enquiries, images or interview, please contact Playbk Sports via our Contact Us page or via [email protected]


About Playbk Sports

Playbk Sports enables teams, leagues and properties to connect and commercialise young fans [10 to 30 year old’s] through dynamic technology and immersive eLearning and fitness products.

Our goal is simple, help you grow global fan avidity and build new or enhanced revenue.

We don’t do in-person events. We don’t your social media.

Our Management Subscription as a Service Model harnesses your logo, players, coaches, stadia, facilities and team administrators and use the power of those ‘brands’ to create revenue generating products that your organisation can rely on in sustainable ways.

As market leaders, we’re trusted by the biggest teams and leagues in sport, including, the National Football League (NFL) and clients across the Australian Football league (AFL), National Rugby League (NRL), National Basketball League (NBL), Suncorp Super Netball, as well as AusCycling and Special Olympics Australia who form part of a global movement for people with an intellectual disability.


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