Building Authentic
Fan Connection

Harnessing athlete storytelling to build authentic fan connection
as a start-up franchise moving into an establishment period.

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Our club is located in the “Heartland of Basketball,” a region that is home to over 25% of the countries registered basketball participants. Harnessing digital platforms like Playbk has provided us a scalable solution to enlarge our footprint and connect with a broader audience of new and existing fans through meaningful and engaging online programs.

Tommy Greer, CEO


Growing a strong fan base with long lasting community connection in just their second National Basketball Season (NBL) season.


To deliver a point of difference in the highly competitive sporting capital of Melbourne with limited resources compared to their modern contemporaries.


A clear vision pushed the SportTech boundaries by connecting, interacting, and communicating with young fans harnessing athlete storytelling.


Backed by Victorian State Government, funding three fully customised online courses were launched in May 2021.

The NBL is now watching this project closely, as are elite sporting organisations in Australia and overseas.


1,000+ Students | 30+ Schools

X3 Bespoke Online Courses

Harnessed Athlete Storytelling

Victorian State Government Grant

Clear Strategic “Flight Path” Vision

Virtual Facilitator, X2 Olympian Jenni Screen


Athlete Storytelling at the Forefront

Phoenix Learn is an innovative SportsTech ecosystem that embraces the digitalisation of sport creating a real point of difference in a highly competitive marketplace.

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Playbk offers a contemporary suite of products and services designed to harness elite profiles, grow fan engagement and diversify revenue streams.