Train Like A Vixen Goes Digital with Market-Leading Move for Netball

by Jul 9, 2023Elite Sport, News

The Melbourne Vixens have taken the first steps in a digital revolution for their fans with the launch of Train Like a Vixen Digital.

In partnership with Playbk Sports, the Vixens have taken their hugely popular in-person athlete development program Train Like a Vixen (TLAV) and reimagined the core components of the program for the digital environment.

The six short online courses are delivered by Vixens stars Liz Watson, Kiera Austin and Ruby Barkmeyer in video format, providing expert coaching advice which can now be accessed by any young netballer in the world.

The content is designed to benefit players, coaches and teachers, with a core audience of kids aged 12–16 years of any gender and playing any level of netball – from social through to representative.

This first phase of this digital strategy will allow the Vixens to scale their reach with their Victorian-based fans, many of whom find attending the in-person Train Like a Vixen program challenging due to time and travel constraints.

“Our athletes, coaches and staff in the Vixens program have incredible knowledge to share, which will benefit fans of all ages and demographics

Netball Victoria CEO Andrea Pearman

“Train Like a Vixen Digital represents an exciting opportunity for us to connect with a wider audience, expanding our offering to be more accessible to young netballers across Victoria and beyond.”

The six courses cover the skills of shoulder passing, how to cut and drive, one-on-one defence, goal shooting, reaction and footwork. The structure of the online courses covers technique, game sense application and a series of train-at-home activities, allowing players to learn from the pros and extend this knowledge into ongoing practice.

Vixens and Australian Diamonds captain Liz Watson delivers the shoulder passing and cut and drive courses and is excited about the program’s potential for aspiring young netballers.

“I love being involved in the filming and sharing some of the lessons I’ve learnt over my years as a professional netballer”

Liz Watson

“To think that young Vixens fans can pull out their phone or laptop whenever they want and learn these skills is such a great use of technology and it’s exciting to see netball taking the lead.”

Liz Watson – Vixens & Australian Diamonds Captain

Playbk Sports co-founder Damian Hecker has worked closely with Vixens and Netball Victoria staff to bring the TLAV course suite to life.

“What we are seeing with the Train Like a Vixen course suite is the new world of using digital to connect with fans in a truly authentic way,” he said.

“This strategy represents new opportunities for the Vixens and ultimately brings their fans what they want – greater connection to the players they love. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the content we can develop and that is an exciting consideration for the future.”

Each product page includes a course intro video, providing a sneak peek into the course content and what learners can expect to engage with throughout.

The Vixens Centre portal and Train Like a Vixen course suite are available now. Courses can be purchased individually for $3.99 or in a bundle for $23.90.

Visit now to find out more.


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