Discover the Future of Sports Innovation with Playbk Sports at Sport Tech Week

by Feb 29, 2024News

This year, as the sports industry gears up for one of its most anticipated events, Sport Tech Week hosted by Sports Business Journal (SBJ), Playbk Sports is thrilled to announce its participation in a gathering that promises to redefine the boundaries of sports technology and innovation. Our very own U.S Chief Operating Officer, Rick Burton, a long-standing columnist for SBJ, will represent Playbk Sports, bringing our vision for the future of sports to the forefront of the conversation.

Sport Tech Week is renowned for its role in bringing together the brightest minds and the most forward-thinking leaders in the sports industry. It serves as a crucible for innovation, where executives discuss the dynamic trends reshaping sports, learn from pioneers both within and outside the field, and strengthen the community ties that make our achievements possible. This event is not just about reflecting on past successes; it’s a platform to showcase new technologies and ideas set to revolutionize the industry.

Conference Highlights

  • Digital Content Innovation: Explore the cutting edge of streaming OTT, Web3, alternative broadcasts, virtual reality, and the evolving landscape of content creation and delivery.
  • Fan Experience Technology: Dive into the latest in extended reality, social media engagement, sports betting, gamification, and innovative strategies for engaging fans both in-venue and remotely.
  • Venue Operations Technology: Discover new advancements in ticketing, sponsorship valuation and activation, and the technologies enhancing connectivity and communication within sports venues.
  • Athlete Performance Technology: Learn about the cutting-edge tools and methodologies in training and recovery, mental health, biometric and biomechanical tracking, and how strategic data collection can drive revenue for sports organizations.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Sports: Unpack the current successful applications of AI, debunk myths, understand its impact on hiring and talent empowerment, and explore future opportunities and risks.

A Special Evening Reception

As a highlight of Sport Tech Week, the Australian Consulate General to New York and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, in close collaboration with the American Australian Association, State Government partners, and the Australian Sports Technologies Network are showcasing the pioneering Australian technologies and innovations that are making significant impacts across the global sports and entertainment landscapes.

Keynote Speaker: Jerry Jacobs Jr.

Jerry Jacobs Jr., CEO of Delaware North, as the keynote speaker for the evening. With a storied career that spans the highest echelons of sports and entertainment management, Jacobs Jr.’s insights promise to enlighten and inspire, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry shaped by innovation and global collaboration.

Following the Keynote, Rick Burton will join Jerry Jacobs Jr. in a vibrant panel discussion, spotlighting Australian sports technology innovation. This session is designed to illuminate the innovative spirit and technological prowess behind Australia’s global sporting success, aiming to foster deeper connections and understanding among key U.S. sports industry stakeholders.

“I’m excited to speak at this event, highlighting the cutting-edge innovations from Australia. It’s a fantastic platform for Playbk Sports to share our latest eLearning and fitness technology products, showcasing new methods to engage young fans more deeply. This is a pivotal moment for the industry, and I’m thrilled to explore these advancements together.” –

Rick Burton, U.S Chief Operating Officer, Playbk Sports

Join Us

At Playbk Sports, we are at the forefront of leveraging technology to redefine the sports experience. As we prepare to join industry leaders and innovators at Sport Tech Week, we are excited about the opportunity to share insights, explore collaborations, and contribute to the dialogue shaping the future of sports.

We look forward to connecting with you at Sport Tech Week. Together, let’s explore the limitless possibilities of sports innovation and technology, forging new paths and creating unforgettable experiences for fans and athletes alike.

Join us in shaping the future of sports. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.


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