Sports Technology Trailblazers: Phoenix Take Flight with 1000 Learners

by May 17, 2021Elite Sport, Most Popular, News

National Basketball League (NBL) team South East Melbourne Phoenix (SEMP) take their first steps into the world of educational sports technology with the release of the Take Flight suite of e-learning courses. These courses are designed to uplift the performance and wellbeing of students in Year 8 & 9 through a blended model of in class learning powered by SEMP’s online learning platform – The Flight Path.  

“We’re proud to be the first NBL club to take this progressive leap of harnessing sports technology with our members, fans and wider Phoenix community”

Brooke Steindl, SE Phoenix Community Manager
Sports technology spearheading online fan engagement for the Phoenix

“Perhaps what makes us prouder, is the impact our players and club can have to support the development of young people across Victoria. Aligning our content to the Victorian Curriculum also ensures we save teachers precious planning time whilst assisting them in delivering great outcomes through engaging teaching and learning resources.”  

With a focus on delivering learning content through a mix of athlete storytelling, contemporary e-learning tools and teacher support resources, the courses take an individual (Year 8) and team based (Year 9) focus. Athletes share their stories related to areas including leadership, growth mindset, resilience, teamwork and emotional management across the two courses.  

“We wanted to provide learners with relatable and engaging stories from our athletes”

Rohan Short, SE Phoenix Head of Operation
Sports technology powering Kyle Adnam into living rooms across Melbourne

Partnering with leading sports technology company, Playbk organisation, the Flight Path and Take Flight courses have been close to a year in the making.  

Playbk, co-founder Damian Hecker has been heavily involved in the planning and development of the Take Flight courses. “We love what Take Flight represents and the development opportunities for students who engage with the courses. It’s also highly motivating to be working with such a progressive professional sporting organisation, who see the benefit of fusing their organisation IP with an sports technology strategy to reach a wider audience and grow their brand through education.”  

The first roll out of courses will be focused on schools in the Latrobe Valley as part of a Victorian State Government grant. With an initial goal of engaging with 200 students in 2021, the course has already surpassed 1,000+ pre-enrolments as word spreads about this unique educational offering for Victorian students.  

For more information on the Take Flight courses please contact South East Melbourne Phoenix at  [email protected].  


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