The Green and Gold Runway – A New Era for Australian Sports Tech

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The recent Sports Tech World Series conference held in Brisbane showcased some of Australia’s most exciting established and emerging sports technology companies and outlined Queensland’s vision to be a global leader in sports technology in the run up towards Brisbane 2032.

From in stadia experiences, to athlete high performance, Esports to fan engagement, nothing was missed on the action-packed agenda as the Queensland Government supported conference brought the Sports Tech World Series to an in-person environment for the first time since Covid halted the global event in 2020.

STWS Conference 2022

In an industry worth over $3 billion annually in Australia and employing over 11,000 people across 600 companies, the importance of bringing these events back to in person experiences was not lost on those in attendance.

Queensland Minister for Sport Stirling Hinchcliffe MP opened the event with a key theme of building the Green and Gold Highway as the State gears up for the Olympic Games in 2032. How the sports technology sector will play a role in shaping the world’s biggest sporting event was front of mind, as was Queensland State Government’s commitment to making the State a sports technology hub with investment and job creation over the next decade.

Sport Tech World Series Co-founder and Australian Sport Technology Network board member John Persico reflected on what the event means as Australia prepares to host its first Olympic Games since Sydney 2000.

“Australia is already punching above its weight when it comes to sports technology on the global stage. As Queensland invests in job creation and making the State a global sports technology hub our presence and impact on the world stage is sure to grow. The Sports Tech World Series event showcased some of the best emerging and established companies and these types of events only serve to motivate and further establish collegiate opportunities in the sector.”

John Persico
Co-founder of Sport Tech World Series

Playbk Sports hosted the CEO’s in Sport – Which Technology Levers to Pull and When Panel Discussion, expertly moderated by event MC Lachlan Wills and featuring Gold Coast SUNS CEO Mark Evans, Special Olympics Australia CEO Pierre Comis and Swimming Australia’s Performance Solutions Manager, Jess Corones.

Sport tech CEO in Sport Business Panel
(Left) Jon Shepherd, Mark Evans, Pierre Comis, Jess Corones, Lachlan Wills and Damian Hecker

The discussion pulled the best from the in competition and off field impact of sports technology. Corones explained how Swimming Australia have partnered with Amazon Web Services to investigate and build new technologies and explained how these technologies are finding the small percentages which can mean the difference between gold medals and missing the dais completely for athletes like Emma McKeon and the singer turned swimmer Cody Simpson.

Comis and Evans turned the audience’s attention to how sports tech can drive greater off field engagement and generate new forms of revenue. Both leaders discussed their partnership with Playbk Sports and how through the use of technology they are reaching a wider audience, developing greater brand awareness, and in the process leveraging data and driving commercial opportunities.

When quizzed about the impact the day had on him, Playbk Co-founder Jon Shepherd was unequivocal. “Opportunity.” Shepherd said.

“We’re sitting on the cusp of a golden age for sports tech in Australia with a ten-year runway to Brisbane 2032. The opportunities for investment, collaboration and global reach of Australian companies have never been more prevalent and this was a clear theme throughout the conference sessions and in conversation with founders and delegates.”

Jon Shepherd
Co-founder of Playbk Sports

The conversation around the growth of the sports technology sector and the importance of Government investment in it, is best left to outgoing Australian Sport Technology Network Charmian James Demtriou, who was quoted in the Australian recently.

“We think sports tech is the third pillar of development in this country. Number one is infrastructure, number two is major events, and three sports tech. Sports tech has a massive impact on the health, wellness and fitness and sport and recreation participation for all Australians. We think that needs supporting.”

James Demtriou

The forces of a rapidly growing industry, the Green and Gold Runway to 2032 and the Queensland Government’s vision of making the State a global sports tech hub seem to be colliding in an exciting new era for not just sports tech companies, but the athletes, participants and fans that are the beneficiaries of their ingenuity.

We can only marvel at what the athlete and fan experience might be as we head towards Brisbane 2032. What we can be assured of is that Australian sports tech companies will be making an indelible mark on the creation of what those experiences will be.

As part of the follow up from the CEOs in Sport Conference, Playbk Sports will be holding a free Fan Avidity and Monetisation strategy session on October 4 on the Gold Coast for interested organisations.

Please contact [email protected] to reserve your spot now.

For media enquiries, images, videos, or interviews contact Jon Shepherd, Co-founder of Playbk Sports via our contact us page.

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